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Benefits of Outsourcing the Trademark Services to Experts or IP offices

In modern times, trademarks are becoming essential to the management of the business. With an extraordinary increase in the number of people choosing to start their own company, trademarks have come to occupy an important place in the economy nowadays. This is because apart from giving a distinctive role to your business, trademarks also guarantee that your goodwill and character cannot be illegally harnessed by anyone else to their own benefit.

The IP Agent will take care of everything the following mandate in Intellectual Property.  Outsourcing the trademark services to experts is responsible for the office action, filing the trademark, appealing in rejection/opposition, and obtaining a registration certificate.   The IP agent is the best outsourcing to secure the protection of the brand because of the high caliber experience of the Intellectual Property agent. We/ IP Agent providing advice based on a combination of legal, business, and industry knowledge. Rest assure our client will feel hustle free.

As a result, there is a need to hire someone who is qualified, certified, well versed with the different applications, knowledgeable, and experienced.

We, Al Raqeem Intellectual Property, aims to provide the highest possible standard of legal and professional services in order to serve the best interests of our clients throughout the world.

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You may see below the benefits of outsourcing the trademark services to a registered agent in:

  • Registering your trademark with the help of a registered Agent in the U.A.E. gives you hassle-free and makes the process easy for you.
  • We help in breaking down the long process of registration while ensuring that at the end of the process you have your very own registered trademark.
  • A trademark agent would file a trademark application, providing valuable tips and suggestions, in regard to the intellectual property.
  • The filing has a very specific requirement that can be dealt with ease by a trademark agent.
  • Having a trademark agent helps you ensure that your trademark will have better chances to get approved by the concerned authorities.

Facts why Might Need A Trademark Attorney

  1. To Help You Examine a Trademark Search

  2. To Protect Your Brand

  3. To Avoid Rebranding

  4. To Meet Registration Deadlines

  5. To Save Money

Benefits of having a Trademark Attorneys

  1. The client will no longer need to go to TMO to process the registration.
  2. The client will have a better understanding of the registration process with the help of the experts/agents.
  3. The easiest way to get a client’s trademark registered.
  4. They have the experience and know the rules in dealing with TMO.
  5. Will help the client to save lots of time. (TIME-SAVING)
  6. They will actively work to solve the client’s issue/problem during the process. (if any)
  7. They have the ability/more time to focus on the core process to cater to the client’s requirement.

Our service to our clients doesn’t stop at the time we got your trademark registered. We also have a monitoring team that will enable us to know similar or identical applications that have been published in the trademark journal which will be reported to our client proposing to file an opposition case.

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To break it down, and the IP agent puts the thing in a standpoint for you. We Al Raqeem Intellectual Property provides constant and expert support from the choosing of your trademark right down to its registration process. Al Raqeem, helps in breaking down the long tedious process of registration while guaranteeing that at the end of the process you have your very own registered trademark certificate.

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