Copyright Protection of Computer Software

Copyright Protection

Copyright protection is a collection of rights that automatically confers on someone who creates an original work of authorship – such as a literary work, song, movie, or software. These rights include the freedom to replicate the work, create derivative works, distribute copies, and publicly execute and display the work.

Protection of Computer Software

Software is a product of human intellect. Considering the essential role, it plays in today’s world economy and development. Any software program, whether there is an inventive aspect involved or not, is protected by copyright. Computer security is an important and critical problem that needs to be addressed. Data security has been in demand around the world. The threat to the software area is from unauthorized production or piracy.

The protection has become increasingly important because every day the economy loses a big amount of money. Since registration is easy and provides significant benefits, it is one of the great supports. In order for computer software to be protected under copyright, the software must be the result of the creative expression of the ideas of the author and the idea must be original.

In the event that you structure or code programming, your licensed innovation is basic to your business. All things considered; your essential item is your unique code. In the event that that code is utilized or abused by a contender/infringer, your business will straightforwardly endure. One moderately simple methodology for forestalling encroachment is the utilization of copyright takes note. A copyright notice ought to be put onto all distributed programming.

In spite of the fact that not compulsory, utilizing such notification costs nothing and may assist with halting encroachment, in light of the fact that the notification prompts outsiders that the work is ensured by copyright and can’t be duplicated without your consent.

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Downloading or storing any copy of the computer program or its software or databases on the computer without obtaining a license from the author or right holder or its successors is penalized by statute with a minimum of three months ‘ imprisonment and a penalty of at least fifty thousand dirhams (AED 50,000) to a maximum of five hundred thousand dirhams (AED 500,000). In the event of recurrence, the crime shall be punished with at least thirty thousand dirhams (AED 30.000).

The use of computer programs or applications thereof or file databases, without obtaining a license from the author is reprimanded with a fine amounting to a minimum of ten thousand dirhams (AED 10,000) up to a maximum of thirty thousand dirhams (AED 30,000) for each database. In the case of repetition, the offense shall be penalized with a minimum of thirty thousand dirhams (AED 30,000). This provision is an exception of offenses numbers 1 and 2 mentioned above.

Separately from the above-stated penalties, the law court may also order the following:

Confiscation and destruction of counterfeited copies subject of the offense or copies reproduced therefrom.

The confiscation of the equipment, and devices used in the perpetration of the offense, and which cannot be used for any other purpose.

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Closing of the establishment in which the counterfeiting has been committed; for a period not exceeding six months.

Publication of the summary of the court ruling in one or more daily newspapers at the expense of the condemned party.

Computer Software

Programming is a result of human insight and it is suitable to term it as “protected innovation.” Computer programming is a guideline that structure source code and item code. Programming takes a great deal of expertise, time, and work to create them, so it is characteristic that you need to ensure all your difficult work. PC projects can be duplicated and utilized by unapproved people. Your genuine programming and application source code might be ensured under copyright law. Copyright Law characterizes PC programs as scholarly work, and as such is protectable under copyrights.

For instance, PC programs are sets of guidelines communicated in words, codes, plans, or different structures, including a machine discernible medium, fit for making a PC play out a specific undertaking or accomplish a specific outcome. The words, codes, plans, or different structures might be ensured under Copyright law as innovative works equivalent to a book, a film, or a masterpiece (and frequently to the coder, the source code is a gem). Copyright assurance is inalienable at the hour of creation and is consequently secured, and may have all the earmarks of being an appealing and free choice to ensure your product.

Software Piracy 5 main types


This sort of robbery is the illicit duplication, dissemination, and/or deal of copyrighted fabric with the expectation of copying the copyrighted item. Within the case of bundled computer programs, it is common to discover fake duplicates of the compact circles joining the program programs, as well as related bundling, manuals, permit assertions, names, enrollment cards, and security features.

Internet Piracy

This happens when programming is downloaded from the Internet. Similar buying rules apply to online programming buys with respect to those purchased in smaller plate position. Regular Internet robbery methods are:

  • Websites that make programming accessible for nothing download or in return for other people
  • Internet sell off destinations that offer fake or out-of-channel programming
  • Peer-to-peer arranges that empower unapproved move of copyrighted projects

End-User Piracy

This happens when a person reproduces copies of the program without permission. Including:

  • To run a program on several machines, use one approved copy
  • Copy discs to install or distribute
  • Exploiting upgrade offers without having a legal copy of the upgrade version
  • Swapping discs in or outside the workplace

Client-Server Overuse

This sort of piracy happens when too many network users concurrently use a central copy of a program. If you have a local area network and install programs for many users to use on the computer, you must be sure that your license entitles you to do so. When you have more users than the license allows, then that is “overuse.”

Hard-Disk Loading

This occurs when a business sells new computers with illegal copies of software loaded onto the hard disks to make the purchase of the machines more attractive.

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