Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE

What is a Trademark?

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE: Trademark is a name, words, symbols, pictures, logos, design, etc. These assets can be a representation of the products or services or also both of a company. Since consumers have the tendency to associate products with a brand through their trademark, it is recommended for businesses that are registered and always stay fresh in the minds of their consumers.

Trademark registration helps to brand to stand out in a world of competition in the market. It is their unique mark that will keep them in the mind of their consumers or targeted market. Reputations also build by the trademark registration, more often than not, clients correlate it with their opinion whether the service of certain companies is good or not at all.

What Makes Your Brand More remarkable?

This business industry is full of many companies that are all after selling products. On top of this, there are also competitors of your products and brands that offering the same products or services. Because of this, you must be competitive in this market if you would be interested to thrive even more and have your company stay as relevant as possible. It’s one of the reasons you need a trademark registration.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Register your Trademark?

  1. Ownership of Trademark: You see, when you don’t register your trademark for your brand, then anyone other can use it or may register it. The worst thing is when anyone else just idea of the same design or brand that you been using for years and they are given all the rights to it just because they were the first one to register it. Although you can claim the decision, going through the hassle of it all can be eliminated by a simple process of trademark registration. When you register your trademark, you can use it however you want. You have the sole rights on it, and you can sue anybody who uses something similar or your brand entirely without your permission.
  2. Connect with Clients: You can easily target your market’s attention by registering a trademark for your business and brand. Consumers, although some don’t focus, relate a trademark to its products. So this makes it easier for them to remember which shop they should go and which brand product they should fine when they are looking for a specific product. You can use this as a branding of your product or business and unforgettable trademark. You can put your brand image in your consumer’s brain with just a visual representation of what you offer.
  3. Extend your Business: Trademark registration give you lots of advantages for extending your business and connect your products with a brand that is successful at what it does for your consumers. A company manufacturing clothes for men and women to offer can think of expending to extend their clothes for kids. Those businesses that have a brand that originally focuses on mobile can expand to offering eclectic watches and gadgets.
  4. Convert into Loyalty: Last but not the least advantage of trademark registration is the value appreciation that it develops over time. Good reputation always adds to this and as well as the loyalty of your customers. A trademark is a valuable asset for your brand that you can use to go to financial institutions or other lenders, like banks, and secure a loan if needed.

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Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE

If you make your mind to get ready for registering your trademark in the United Arab Emirates. Then, definitely you will think about what are the documents you need to prepare for the trademark application. If you want to apply for a Protected Trademark, Al Raqeem Intellectual Property has a complete list of documents that you need to prepare by brand or business owners. An on-time preparation of these documents will make the process smooth and easy.

Required document list mentioned below:

    1 – A Notarized Power of Attorney in favor of Al Raqeem Intellectual Property. (If from a foreign company, it must be legalized up to UAE Consulate).
    2 – Passport Copy with Visa Page of the Managing Director.
    3 – A copy of the Trade license.
    4 – Logo in JPEG format.
    5 – List of goods/services.IF UNDER PERSONAL NAME
    1 – A Notarized Power of Attorney in favor of Al Raqeem Intellectual Property.
    2 – A Notarized No Objection Certificate from Partners
    3 – A copy of trade license
    4 – Passport copy with visa page of the individual (owner of the trademark)
    5 – Passport copy and emirates i.d of all the partners who are in the trade license
    6 – Logo in JPEG format

Best Intellectual Property Agent for Trademark Registration in UAE or Worldwide

Al Raqeem Intellectual Property is one of the top agents for Dubai, U.A.E trademark registration. We have registered thousands of brands locally and internationally. Our experience of more than 20+ years can give you the assurance that we do our job smoothly and with high quality. Even you can get your trademark certificate as low as 1,000 AED as our professional fees. If you have any queries and confusion please contact us right now without any hesitation. We will provide you free consultancy regarding your business and trademark registration. UAE government website for trademark registration.

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