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Trademark Benefits 

Even though small in size, trademark symbols (™ and ®) are very significant components of any brand’s trademark protection approach. Being sure the right symbol goes at the right symbol location can often be confusing.

Trademarks and service marks (“mark” or “marks”) are valuable assets for both business owners and consumers. A distinctive mark helps a company in the products or services it provides to create consumer goodwill and brand recognition. Marks also help consumers identify the source of goods and services and make informed choices based on their experiences.

Trademark Registration is not just a registration process it helps you to secure or protect your business name, logo, or identity. The owner has an advantage in using, defend, and sue the opponent when someone tries to facsimile or plagiarize someone’s idea.

Once it’s registered it has a privilege to use the “R” mark as indicates that the brand, logo, or trademark name is already registered, so that no one can use your trademark. You can endorse it in the market, internet, or billboard without a hitch. Trademark registration helps the business to grow, be well-known, and strengthen the value of a product or a company’s name.

When the trademark has not registered the scope of the area is limited only, but if the product is already registered the owner has a right to scope a wide geographic area. Especially, when you are putting up a business and you want to introduce, your product or company in the market. It will also help your customers to recognize easily your product or company’s name.

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Importance of Trademark

  1. Exclusive Rights

A trademark registration gives the proprietor/ owner the right to use the mark in respect of the goods or services covered by it. The most important reason for registration of the trademark is the remedies or proof against unauthorized use.

  1. Security

A registered trademark can be security by protecting your product or services. A registered trademark can be pledged as security for the right of use against counterfeit.

  1. Licensing

A registered trademark can be licensed.  A trademark license can be recorded on the trademark register, giving the licensee rights to legal proceedings in the event of an infringement.

  1. Assignment

A registered trademark can be transferred.

  1. Use in Proceeding

Registered trademark is the important evidence to prove on a legal basis in an infringement case.

  1. The right to use the symbol ®

Once the trademark is registered the symbol ® may be used for the goods and services listed in the registration.

  1. Foreign territories

A registered mark can be used as a basis to obtain registration in some international countries.

Trademark Benefits 

  • Ensures legal exclusivity for the use of your brand name.
  • You have the right of controlling others using your brand name.
  • It will support you to build acknowledgment for your company and brand in the market place.
  • Registering your Brand/ Logo will help increase the value of your product/service.
  • It gives you an automatic right to sue competitors infringing on your trademark.
  • Long term protection –trademark protection will last for ten years (renewable for similar periods.)
  • It gives you a good platform to obtain rights in other countries as well.
  • Prevents other traders from using the conflicting brand name.
  • A registered trademark increases the value of your brand to a potential purchaser
  • A registered trademark gives recognition to the quality of your goods or services
  • The right to use the ® symbol with your trademark, showing that it is registered and protected.
  • Once registered, your trademark will be valid for ten years and it is renewable for similar periods.
  • Gives you the right to legally stop someone from infringing your trademark without your permission
  • A registered trademark provides a proof of the legality and exclusive ownership
  • A registered trademark attracts the customers and is easily identifiable from the rest of the others
  • It can build trust to the consumers knowing that your trademark is legit and registered
  • A registered trademark is a sign of commitment to the company and reputation that helps the consumer in purchasing decisions.
  • Gives you also the power to assign or transfer the ownership of your registered trademark
  • You can extend your business by permitting investors to use it
  • You can sell or license to other parties at your discretion
  • Brand names are not synonymous with trademarks or service marks. While several businesses use trade names as their trademarks, trade names are a company or corporate names.

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A trademark specifies the holders of a product or service in dispute. Trademarks may be used within license arrangements with others. Name piracy is defined as the illegal use of trademarks by manufacturing and selling counterfeit consumer products.

The proprietor of a trademark may seek legitimate activity against trademark infringement. Most nations require formal protection of a trademark as a precondition for seeking after this sort of activity.

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