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Registering Trademark in UAE

Registering Trademark in UAE

Registering Trademark in UAE (United Arab Emirates) law permission to companies to submit a single trademark registration that covers goods and services covering multiple categories. But the fee will be different for the separate categories, but good thing is that it’s allowed in U.A.E law.

The reason behind companies go for registering a trademark under multiple categories

Companies go for registering a trademark under multiple categories because this is a better and efficient way to submit a single trademark for different goods and services in the process of company formation in the United Arab Emirates. It extends the company service area and helps in increasing the number in service provision that may belong to different categories. So service provision in more than one class makes the company reputation more efficient and well recognized in the market. If we talk about the application then applicants only submit their information for once for multiple classes. With a single application information applicant, trademark, as well as correspondent information, in entered as well. When any company goes with multi-category application filing, it gets to save money and time. So the applicant will pay only for a single class at the time of filing. After that, the action is issued then applicant pay for the other classes. If any rejection is faced by any particular class, the applicant can then reject that class or classes without paying its initial filing.

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Disadvantages of Registering a Trademark under multiple categories

There are several pitfalls if anyone registers a trademark under multiple classes.

  • Expensive: Filing for each class can become more complicated in the initial filing process. Also, if all the classes are not in use, it will become more expensive for the applicant to pay for them. If an applicant is able to file for the use of one class use, the applicant would have to file a request for the division of the patent application for the extension of the time for the class that is not yet in use of the applicant. In another way, the applicant can consider filing for both classes. In this way, the applicant will not have to pay more fees for registration of a trademark in one class.
  • Delay: If the company in the United Arab Emirates goes with filing trademark registration under multiple categories may take additional time to register as compared to a single application just because of office actions. Suppose the applicant files an application for three classes and office action raises an issue with one class than the entire application will get delayed. This is because the applicant will more further resolve the issue with one of those three classes. Their application must get dealy for the other two classes. So, until solving the issue of one class, the application for the rest of the two classes will get affected as well.
  • Risk: There are more risks with registering a trademark in more than one category. Multiple categories of registration increase the chances of inaccuracy. So more inaccuracy will increase the cause of the delay process.

Advantages of Registering a Trademark under multiple categories

  • Cost-effective: Under multiple category trademark registration, it would be better for the applicant to compare to file a single class application. In this way, the applicant can avoid paying more money.  To get trademark registration filed for multiple classes with multiple applications can be a more costly affair.
  • Time extension in applications: In this case, easy to handle the filing of the statements. This makes the applicant or company gets registered earlier than the other way around.
  • Speedy payment: When any applicant files trademark for different classes, it gets to enable a speedy allowance for the classes where the office action has no obligations. If there are any type of obligations to the classes, the allowances of the classes already been separated wouldn’t be held up.

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Lesser risks for registration renewal

Any risk that belongs to a fraud or fault maintenance gets reduced. When the of the trademark wants to renew the registration of the faulty class, the other classes’ application will still be considered valid. This means that the applicant will only make the faulty application correct. Everything has a little bit difficult and then advantages. It is all up to the applicant what he/she choose for themselves. The same is the case with trademark registration for more than one class in the United Arab Emirates. When you start forming a company or expending it, it is recommended to secure your brand name as your business property right at the beginning. In case fo delay in trademark registration in any category that businesses covers, it may provide a chance to competitors or cheaters in stealing it. You may be able to claim it later but this will be a more costly and time-consuming process.

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Trademark Registration Services in U.A.E

If you are planning to registered a trademark in UAE then don’t forget to get a free consultation with Al Raqeem before the filing for your brand registration. Our expert will help you in every aspect of trademark registration, copyright registration and patent registration in use. We know very well every business is valuable for the applicant and they don’t want to be put them in difficult situations. We always ready to help you with business consultation. Because brand registration is a crucial and time taking process. This process is needed to be initiated efficiently right from the starting else it might cost you both time and money. With Al Raqeem at your side, the trademark registration in UAE must be handled with great care.

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