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Trademark Protection on advertising slogans, advertising ideas, and concepts

The slogan is a big part of your brand identity. Protecting advertising slogans, ideas & concepts can add significant value to a brand. Opting for unique, distinctive, catchy phrases that are easily distinguishable to allow consumers to identify the source of the goods or services. It is the easiest and most effective way to communicate to a consumer and also enhance the value of your brand and business. Protecting a slogan gives a unique identity of your brand which will last on the consumer’s mind. They can easily identify the brand with the slogan without the name of the product. Lastly, it can help to increase the demand for the product in the market.

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Advertising slogans and promotional tools enable companies to introduce themselves, their products, or services. In order for an advertising slogan to be effective in introducing a company or institution, it should be easily understood by consumers, and be associated with a specific brand. An advertising slogan along with brand name and logo are three key components of brand identity. Thus, advertising slogans act as a hook whereby the customer grasps the concept of a brand, and intensify everything that makes the brand distinct. Advertising slogans, as one of the identity components, perform a key role in making brands affect the customer’s minds.

Advertising slogans may use to differentiate the services of the brand owners and function as trademark protection. The filing of trademark application and acquire a registration will provide to protect the slogan. Advertising ideas and concepts cannot register as a trademark, but you will able to register the slogan, name, or logos to brand your business. The copyright registration will provide or prevent others to steal or copy your ideas.

Advertising slogans, ideas, and concepts give you the edge in business marketing today. As you can see, the trademark is one concept to give a boost to the market. Study shows, more consumer trusts the product if they see the “r” symbol. It shows the uniqueness, integrity and trust the product and services. The advantages of the consumer can easily identify the producers of goods and services and avoid confusion in the market.

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A slogan can be used to differentiate the brand owner’s wares or services from others and serve as a trademark. In other situations, the slogan may actually form part of the advertising the brand owner uses. Nike’s JUST DO IT ® are examples of well-known slogans

If a slogan functions as a consideration of a trademark should be given to obtaining registration of a trademark. In this respect the motto must be registrable, recognize the brand owner’s products or administrations from the products and administrations of others, and be “used” inside the meaning of the Trademarks protection Act.

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