Protecting your brand is of the most importance. Yet brand registration in UAE copyright registration in UAE or trademark registration can be onerous at best. Finding an advocate who is knowledgeable in the methodology necessary for trademark registration Dubai. It will take hours of labour off your shoulders.

Far consulting provides the paperwork. And the research that you need to allow you to register your trademark in Dubai. With the least amount of worry and work on your part. Business setup in the UAE will take enough of your time. Get help with your trademark registration in Dubai, UAE. From a skilled and experienced company registration in Dubai with years of successful business setups behind them.

As a trademark holder, it’s imperative for you to be knowledgeable regarding trademark monitoring fundamentals. Trademark watching or monitoring is necessary for defending your brand from the potential loss of revenue and intellectual property infringement.

FAR Consulting Middle East’s team of IT and trademark watch specialists can help your brand avoid potential damage caused by infringers and give your intellectual property rights sufficient protection from unauthorized use.

The Ministry of Economy (MOE) of the UAE registers trademarks; however, the regulatory body is not responsible for their enforcement and monitoring as they are to be done by trademark owners/holders. After the final approval is issued by the MOE for the registration of your trademark, it’s your duty to maintain and enforce your intellectual property rights.

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What is Trademark?

A trademark is typically a brand name that is used in business as an identification sign to distinguish the goods or services from other companies. A trademark could be a name, sign, picture, signature, color, word, slogan, software, application, website, shape or combination of any of these.

What are the benefits of trademark registration?

You will enjoy the following main benefits by registering your trademark:

  • Protect your business identity
  • Protect you against others using the same or similar marks
  • protects you against confused with others who trade in the same industry but have a bad reputation
  • It’s a valuable asset: it can be licensed, franchised, or sold

What is a trademark class system?

Trademarks are registered under a ‘class’ system in the UAE. Each trademark class covers different products and services. There are 45 international classes and it is possible to register trademarks in 44 classes in the UAE. A separate application is required for registration of a trademark in each class. It may be costly and unnecessary for you to register your trademark in classes that are not relevant to your goods or services. Thus, choosing the correct class is critical for necessary protection and avoiding unnecessary costs. Al Raqeem takes this responsibility when filing your application.

Difference between a trademark and other IP

A trademark is only one form of intellectual property and is typically associated with logos and brand names. The other forms of intellectual property that can be protected by companies are:

  • Patents: These are used for new technology, inventions, ideas, processes, and methods
  • Copyrights: These are used for literary, artistic, dramatic works, musical works or computer software
  • Industrial Designs: These are used for shapes, patterns or ornamentation applied to an industrially produced objects

Statical Data of Trademark By Year


  • Why is the trademark search important before filling formal application?

    Trademark search at the Trademark Registry helps you find out whether anyone else has prior rights to your proposed trademark. This essentially helps you determine if your application will have chances for success. This step is highly recommended before any trademark application is filed in the UAE.

  • 2How long is the registration valid in the U.A.E?

    A trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates is valid for 10 years. The registration is renewable for further periods of 10 years each.

  • What things can be registered as trademarks in the U.A.E?

    Any distinguished form of names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, logos, titles, hallmarks, seals, pictures, patterns, announcements, packs or any other marks or group of marks if they were used or intended to be used either to distinguish goods, products or services from whatever sources or to indicate that certain services, goods or products belong to the owner of the trademark because of their provision, manufacturing, selection or trading.

  • What is a patent?

    A patent protects new inventions, ideas and covers the processes and methods used in creating such inventions. The owner of a patent has protection under the law. Registration of a patent provides the owner with the necessary protection from use or exploitation by others.

  • What is a copyright?

    A copyright is a protection given by law to the authors, creators, and writers for their work, including dramatic, musical, artistic, literary and other intellectual work.

  • Can I registered my own name as a trademark?

    Typically, you would not be able to register a proper name such as yours, as a trademark. The only exceptions may be if you can show that your name has become identified in the minds of the public with your specific goods and/or services.

  • How can I register my trademark globally?

    There is no one system of global trademark registration. Hence, applications are required to be filed separately for each jurisdiction, save in cases where some countries allow for one application through a treaty. An example is the Madrid Protocol which covers multiple jurisdictions. UAE is not a party to the Madrid Protocol.

  • Who can challange the registration of my trademarks?

    Registration of a trademark can be challenged by a third party who may claim prior rights to the trademark. Typically, this happens at the time of publication of the trademark in the Trademark Journal and local newspapers as part of the registration process. In case of a challenge, the necessary process is required to be followed before an application can be finally successful.

Trademark Registration Pricing

Filing to registration:  
Filing feesAED1,003.00
Publication in the trademark journalAED1,003.00
Publications in two Arabic newspaperAED1,000.00
Registration feesAED6,703.00
Our Professional feesAED1,000.00
Cost of Registration in one classAED10,709.00

There will only be an additional cost if there are any hindrances occurred during the procedure like opposition, responding to official action, attestation, and translation.  We will first advise you if there is any; together with an estimate of the additional costs before we proceed.

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