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trademark registration in uae fee reduced

The United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries to establish your business with trust and honesty. Nowadays business is growing fast in the United Arab Emirates. UAE is struggling hard to provide the best environment for investors and business owners to operate their business smoothly. To boost business and attract more brand owners, Abu Dhabi – The Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates issued the ministerial decision No. 51 of 2019 stipulation of an official fee reduction of new trademark registration and renewal for the registered one. This reduction will apply to both new and pending trademark applications.

Trademark registration government fees have been reduced from 10,000 AED to 6,700 AED equal to $1,825 while publications and filing fees remain the same. So, the final official fees from filling up to registration for one trademark in a single class are 9,700 AED equal to $2641.

Renewals fee including the publication and filing has reduced from 12,000 AED ($3,270) to 8,700 ($2,370).  This amendment has been published in the official gazette and entered into force in the United Arab Emirates as of July 7, 2019.

How Applicant Get Benefit?

In 2015, the official fees for the trademark were increased dramatically by up to 100% in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. This high cost was the effect on the small to medium size enterprises considering to registered trademark in the United Arab Emirates, but this new fee reduction again provides the opportunity for enterprises of all sizes of business owners to reconsider their trademark registration strategy in U.AE. These new fees are now more in line with those of other GCC countries and will enable business owners to reasonable budget for their trademark registration as well as for the enforcement of their trademarks.

What fees have changed for brand owners?

This new official fee announcement only affects the fees payable for the trademark registration and renewals, which fees have been reduced by 33%.

ServiceOld FeesNew Fees Comments
Trademark RegistrationAED 10,000 (approx. USD 2,725)AED  6,700 (approx. USD 1,830)It does not include filing/publication fees.
Renewal of Trademark RegistrationAED 10,000 (approx. USD 2,725)AED  6,700 (approx. USD 1,830)It does not include filing/publication fees.

The fees for conducting a search for a trademark in one class remain unchanged.

Trademark Registration in UAE Final Cost

For a straightforward application without any office actions or no opposition by the third party the total fees from the filing of the trademark registration application to till issuance of a certificate for one trademark in one class will now reduce from 12,000 AED to 9,700 AED ($ 2,641)

For the renewal of trademark up to the issuance of the renewal certificate fees also have been reduced from 12,000 AED to 9,700 AED ($ 2,641).

Official Fee Structure of Trademark Registration in UAE

ServiceCurrent Official fees in AEDOld Official fees in AED
Filing 1000 (No change)1000
Publication for both accepted and renewed applications 1000 (No change)1000
Registration 6700 (Reduced)10,000
Renewal6700 (Reduced)10,000
Inspection of infringing trademark (Application to run this inspection by the Trademark Office Officials)Waived2,000
Official Gazette monthly subscription feesWaived1,200
Grievance / Appeal before Trademark Appeal Committee from provisional refusal or office action.Waived5,000
Request for cancellation of a trademark for all goods/services or part of goods/servicesWaived500
Request for extension to submit claiming priority document based on Paris convention to the Trademark OfficeWaived500
Change or appoint of Trademark attorney/representative for a trademark applicationWaived1,000

To make sure the efficiency and streamline with worldwide best practice in trademark prosecution and the enforcement of registration rights, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy has made amendments in official fees associated with their trademark registration and enforcement services.  Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy has decreased and waived more than 100 nominal fees across different departments and sections such as the trademark office and copyright office. Trademark office also reduced its registration fees by 33% from the previous.

Prior to the reduction in the trademark registration fees, the applicable fees, especially in the United Arab Emirates, were considered among the highest. As a result, the government received substantial requests to reconsider the fees and reduce the cost in line with international standards. Eventually, in July 2019 U.A.E official decision-makers at the Ministry of Economy decided to reduce trademark registration fees by 33%. This move is expected to encourage business and brand owners to increase their brand protections within the United Arab Emirates to cover various elements such as color, slogans, terms, shapes, and other core components of brand integrity.

Additionally, grievances or appeals before the Trademark Appeal Committee from provisional refusal or office action by the examiner is subject of the fee depends on the IP agent professional fees.

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