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Procedures of Trademark

Procedures for Trademark Registration in UAE?

Trademark Law is the law that commonly avoids others from using any of the unique qualities to that which has already gone through registration. In the U.A.E., Federal Law Number (37) OF 1992 concerning several requirements regarding trademark law.

Basically, a trademark is your brand. Registration of your mark gives you the right to protect the structures that give your brand its unique identity such as letters, numbers, words, phrases, sounds, smells, shapes, and/or a logo. If you have a registered trademark logo, you are in a much stronger legal position to stop others from infringing your brand with similar goods or services.

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Let see the below overview of a trademark application and maintenance procedure for registering your Trademark.

Step by Step Procedures:

  1. Trademark Search

It is essential to make sure that your proposed mark is free of use before applying for a new trademark application. This step is initiated through conducting an availability trademark search in the Ministry of Economy. The official search results provide the details of any existing similar brand names/trademarks which can be similar to your proposed brand name/trademark or else if there is no record of any trademark similar to yours.

  1. Trademark Filing

This is the first stage of the process after completing the required documents (Notarized Power of Attorney; Trade License of the company; passport copy of the Managing Director; Trademark Logo) where we submit the application and obtain the official filing details of the application from the Trademark Office. Once we receive the filing details, we will forward it to the client.

  1. Examination

All trademarks filed will be examined in the Ministry of Economy in Abu Dhabi.  In this stage, the trademark examiner scrutinizes your application whether it will be accepted, as for a technical requirement or rejected.

  1. Publication

These are the following requirements in the publication of the trademark.

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Publication in the Trademark Journal

Once the application is already submitted to the Ministry, the trademark under registration will be published/advertised in the official trademark journals.

Publications in Newspapers

Proposed Trademark also required to be published in two local Arabic newspapers. Any involved party may file a notice of opposition to the registered trademark within prescribed days from the date of publication. After the publication, the process will begin if there are no oppositions.

  1. Final Registration

In this stage, if there is no opposition or complaint against the trademark in the specified time, the Ministry of Economy will issue the original certificate once the registration fee has been paid. The certificate includes the Filing Number, Filing Date, Name, and Address of the Owner, Class Classification of the brand, and Renewal Date. The trademark would be protected for ten (10) years only in UAE and can be renewed after the validity with a specified amount. Please note that the trademark validity may differ from another country.

While finalizing the application for Trademark, it will receive an examination by the ministry. There is Thirty Days (30) days period for filing an opposition by any concerned party. In the nonattendance of any objection, registration of a trademark will be completed. Lastly, the certificate of trademark registration will be issued. Generally, the registered trademark value is ten (10) years.

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