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What can be registered As a Trademark?

A trademark is something that recognizes the products or services of a particular brand. And therefore, a relevant business strong point that requires to be registered to prevent others from trying to use it or to sell their own products and services. The trademark can just be a company name or product and services but does not need to be and can be:

  • Words – (Name, Company name or Product name)
  • Letters
  • Numerals
  • Designs – (Shapes, Symbols, Patterns, Logos, and Signs)
  • Colors
  • Sounds – (Jingles)
  • Shapes of goods or packaging or figures
  • Sequence of images
  • Abbreviations
  • Signatures
  • Device
  • Tag line or Phrase or Title
  • combination of words and logo

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What can be approved as a registered trademark

As the full detailed above there are several methods that a trademark can take.  There are, though, also rules that interpret a trademark:

  • Cannot be offensive

  • Cannot only describe the type of goods or services it relates to

  • Cannot be common and non-peculiar

  • Cannot be a protected designation of the country of origin

  • Cannot be a protected traditional term for wine or specialties guaranteed

  • Cannot be a protected plant variety

  • Cannot be the same or comparable to an existing registered trademark for the same classifications

  • Cannot look too similar to symbols

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