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trademark registration in uae

A new business requires a lot of planning but lots of planning is required before setting your mind on starting a new business set up in UAE. With so many opportunities and services, there come so many other responsibilities as well.

When you start any business, then there are so many things need to focus on the right side. Trademark registration is one of them. When taking full action with your business in the field, then you must then go to focus on your trademark registration. If you want your business to always remain yours then trademark registration one of the best solutions for this.

Trademark registration is a much difficult process as we think about it. If you are not familiar with the process then the best thing you should find the best Intellectual Property agent like Al Raqeem. We will make the whole process smoothly and support till getting certification.

Here we describe the process of Trademark Registration

  1. Consultancy: Consultancy is the first and important part of starting any application. In this stage, we discuss each and everything regarding, trademark registration, classes in which trademark applications will be submitted, tradename searching, etc. Professional intellectual property agent always focuses on client satisfaction and they provide you free consultancy like Al Raqeem.
  2. Trademark Search (Optional): Conducting an availability trademark search in the Ministry to check if your proposed trademark is still available for registration.

  3. Preparation / Filling: After consultancy, we will prepare the document and submit the application to the ministry and obtain an official filling number of the application.
  4. Examination: All trademark examination is done in the Ministry of Economy in Abu Dhabi.  This is the stage where the trademark examiner scrutinizes your application whether it will be accepted, as for a technical requirement or rejected.
  5. Publication: Supposed that your application is accepted, it will now be published in the two local Arabic newspapers and in the trademark journal. In this stage, your application will be open for opposition or objection by a third party in a specific period of time and that is 30 days from the date of its publication.
  6. Registration: If there’s no opposition filed against your application during the publication stage, the final registration fees must be paid for the issuance of the registration certificate.

Trademark Registration Flow Chart

trademark registration flow chart

Register a Trademark in UAE

Before starting with the application of trademark registration in UAE you must have good knowledge about intellectual property and how it is dealt with. After that, you can process the application easily.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) is the property, asset and something which is brought into existence the creativity or innovation of the human mind. IP rights can be gained for a name, a design, a process, an invention, formula or trademark.

When someone gained the intellectual property right over anything above mentioned then no one else can use and copy without the permission of the IP owner.

Why is trademark registration important?

There is no doubt about the importance of Trademark Registration because the trademark is important as much your business is important for you. Even every single business important for every business owner and they don’t want to lose at any cost. There are always so many other people working in the market as you. You always want to distinguish yourself from the other business owner, you ought to have your own brand name trademark. This brand name registration will keep distinguishing your brand in hundreds and thousands of other brands in the same market. So this trademark registration is the public identity of your business that will compromise on its identity is never favorable for any business.

What you Will Get After Finish Trademark Registration in UAE Process?

  • Sole Ownership: You will get the sole ownership of your business. Trademark registration will help you in getting the sole ownership of your brand or business and keep you distinguish form other brands and businesses. Trademark registration is an easy and affordable way to ensure your idea, brand and business reaming your ownership in UAE and no one can claim against your business.
  • Global Ownership: This business ownership is not limited to national levels due to the trademark registration in UAE, but also on global levels. Your business identification can become worldwide if and only if you want. In this way your customers and other business always keep you distinguish from brands and businesses. This is one of the best advantages for you due to trademark registration, your business will be protected worldwide rather than the national level.
  • No More Copy: After getting a copy of the trademark registration certification, no one else would be able to use and copy your idea, business, formula, and brand name and you are will have all the rights to reserved for it.
  • Business Value: This trademark registration will help you in building brand value and attract more customers because they seeing you as a potential brand due to trademark registration.


Al Raqeem

When you decide to want to get your trademark registration in UAE for your business, then you must look for a professional and experienced law firm that helps you with all legal matters. Al Raqeem is one of the best options for you. They will support you throughout the whole process of trademark registration at a low fee.

We are also providing free consultancy service to our all visitors they have come with many questions and after consultancy, they get their answers. Al Raqeem will help you in application submission for your trademark registration to the Ministry of Economy & Commerce. In the process of application submission, everything in the application should be in the Arabic language and will also provide you translation service and you should place fourteen specimen drawings for the marks as well. The rest of the processes will carry out by the Ministry. If any of something missing in the submitted application, the Ministry will reject the application and will also release a report on the inappropriate information submitted to it.

We are not limited is service we also provide all other legal services like:

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If anyone looking for any service you can contact us without any hesitation.

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